Bringing Life, One Step At A Time

At Open Arms Pregnancy Center we work to create an environment where a woman can feel safe. From our warm, inviting decor to the friendly smile at the front desk, we work hard to bring life to our community…one person at a time.

1. Pregnancy Tests

Medical grade pregnancy tests.

2. Limited Ultrasounds

Windows into the womb that confirm pregnancy viability.

3. Options

Carry the baby to term and parent. We rejoice with each woman who chooses life, and we offer a variety of classes to help her with what she’ll need to know about raising a child while balancing other responsibilities.

Carry the baby to term and make an adoption plan. Some of our clients have found an adoption plan to be an excellent solution. Many choose the adoptive parents and remain an active part in the baby’s life. These women experience much personal growth and strength as a result.

4. Abortion

The center DOES NOT provide or refer for abortion, we do however provide vital statistics and information about abortion to clients.

5. Referrals

The Open Arms Pregnancy Center assists clients by referring them to community resources, physicians, and insurance providers.